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Just what is a Mocktail Bar? We serve all of the fun and flirty drinks people are accustomed to drinking, just with no alcohol! Sure they have the same look, and the same sexy presentation, but they don't get you trashed!

We are the first-of-its kind kiosk bar concept specialising in mocktails and lifestyle coffee. The outlet is lively where guests can visually experience the showmanship of our mixologists shaking, stirring, straining, muddling and flaring their favourite drinks.

Our menu consist of 10-15 mocktails and 10 lifestyle coffees carefully and tastefully created by our Grand Master Mixologist. Each drink is unique on its own, in terms of taste, presentation, colour and even texture. These tasty creations are also made with the finest ingredients and best tasting gourmet flavoured syrups to ensure the most delicious flavours go into every cup.

With so many distinct variety of flavours to choose from, we believe there will surely be a perfect drink for everyone. Grab one on the go or drink it at the outlet, its always cool and refreshing with every sip! Why Mocktail Bar? Because drinking bubble tea is so yesterday!

Our Drinks


*Availability subject to outlets.
We are generous in our servings! Regular = 16oz / 473ml | Large = 20oz / 650ml.


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    Why Mocktail Bar as a leading brand of choice?


    A fresh new untapped segment in the beverage industry. Unlike other beverage players who compete for the same target market, Mocktail Bar provides differentiation and serves up a wide range of drinks which are totally different from others.

    Unique products.

    Mocktail Bar beverages are all individually unique in terms of taste, colour, presentation and even texture. Fine ingredients and best tasting gourmet syrups are used to produce our concoctions.

    Cool, happening and hip.

    Our outlets are lively, and showmanship is well displayed by our mixologists when they shake, stir, strain and flare your favourite drinks.

    Low start up = fast return on investment.

    Depending on size, to own a Mocktail Bar starts from only RM80k. Be in touch with us to find out more on how we can help you quit your nine-to-five and become a business owner.

    Easy and fast to build.

    Our kiosks are often built off-site and can be assembled at selected locations within days. Also, no M&E is required meaning there would be a wider option of preferred locations to select from.

    Training, support and standard operating procedures.

    Continuous training and support will be provided. Store checking and evaluation will also be done regularly to ensure quality of store is maintained at all times. Strong SOP and manuals are provided and enforced at the outlet to ensure consistency of taste and quality of products are up to standard.

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    Are you a whiz at mixing drinks? Do you have a knack for making flavorful concoctions? If you're hip, fun, happening, creative and love to be different, then consider a job as a mixologist! After all, what's cooler than being a mixologist!


    Lead the bar, oversee the operations, managing all the costs, inventories, staffing and achieve company goals.


    Assist supervisor in training junior mixologist, receive stocks and ensure the bars run smoothly and efficiently.

    Junior Mixologist

    With experience will be an extra credit. To prepare daily mise en place and ensure the most delicious flavours go into every cup.

    *Mohawk, earing, piercing & tattoos? Go ahead!

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